In my last blog I was going on about some simple steps you can take to safeguard your website from uninvited guests.

Like I said, I´d got hacked and trashed but was feeling good that I was back and now more secure than the first time round, I hoped.

In fact, feeling so good that the other night after working out how to add a “read more” link to Joomla articles I decided to have a beer. Yeah, feeling rather chuffed I was as I poured a can of Mahou into a frosted glass and as I took my first sip I closed my eyes in anticipation of the bubbles hitting my tongue.

Didn´t have to wait long either and soon they were dancing ever more energetically around my mouth and as I drank I could feel the intensity of the taste until it was as if a flavour bomb had exploded behind the inside of my eye sockets.

Yeah, I was in seventh heaven!

However, the feeling didn´t last.

As I went back to my computer I was confronted by the horror of an uninvited guest.

Not lurking in the shadows but as brazen as brass right in my face as if to say “I´m here! What you gonna do about it”?

A hacker taking over my site again?

A burglar going through my smalls?

Hard to believe but even more dastardly.

But who or what could be more dastardly you ask?


Microsoft that´s who!

Yes, in the time it´d taken me to go to the kitchen and open a can of beer Microsoft was in and busy updating my operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at breakneck speed.

When I saw “Updating windows, your PC will restart several times” I panicked.

In fact, I was in such a state of shock I let my beer get warm as I racked my brains frantically searching for a way to evict this gatecrasher.

I mean I don´t even remember asking to be updated. And I distinctly remember clicking the X to close the message box asking me if I wanted to update now!

“But why were you worried?” you might ask. “Weren´t you getting a superior system and gratis!”

Well, the reason I was in such a state was because.....................?

My frigging software wouldn´t run properly on Windows 10!

Yep, the apple of my eye, Cubase, which I use to write songs wouldn´t so much as emit a flatulent sounding whistle.

I started googling on my admin computer to search for a solution wiping the sweat from the keys as beads dropped from my fraught brow.

I came across this about how to go back to Windows 7 and this and this on how to stop it happening if it hasn´t yet.

I don´t know about you but I come from a culture where not even a family member or friend would invite themselves round your place without asking if it was OK first. I mean correct me if I´m wrong but didn´t Microsoft and the like express their unhappiness if they caught you using unlicensed copies of their software in a more than forthright way? You know, like suing you!

Now the boot´s on the other foot those rules don´t seem to apply!

I have not the slightest interest in why Microsoft feels it needs to do this to compete in the mobile, apps or whatever market it feels it´s falling behind in but can´t help feeling they might be doing themselves more harm than good.

I tried going back to Windows 7 but got messages saying if I didn’t have Microsoft registration or license codes and the like handy then the operating system wouldn´t work so I threw in the towel and my uninvited guest´s here to stay no doubt smug, wallowing in it´s victory.

Yep, I’ve paid to upgrade to Cubase Pro 8.5. Just hope I can find it amongst the gods knows what icons that appear when I power up the computer.