First Verse
Feel it rising as you walk, eyes look down no time to talk
Feel the moment feel it come, ah show my face or turn and run

It’ s like this every day, try to find my way
Mindful gets the nod, get my focus and just
Plod repeat
Be mindful repeat



First Verse
Something inside you tried to define you
Cast you in a different light
Living in boxes away from the posh kids
Dunno whet’ fight or flight
You can find yourself time to do what you know you must

We’re riding high even though we’ve no place to go
Look to the sky waiting for a sign to show
We are the son, we are the son
Son repeat

First Verse
They say you shouldn't burn the candle at both ends
I say why not
The say you shouldn't try to fix the things you know you can't mend
I say why not


First Verse
Let’s put the beat back (repeat)
Sometimes it's hard to understand what’s going on
Sometimes it's hard to realise what's going wrong
You read the paper in the morning ain’t no succour there
Zap the stations till it's boring ain’t no succour there
Same old singer singing his song
No one’s got the guts to bang the gong
Flashing his smile strutting his stuff
If you don't like it that's just tough