Like history? Like Spain?

Then you must visit Madrigal de las Altas Torres, a small walled village in Avila which is steeped in history and famous among other things for being the birthplace of Isabel the Catholic who along with her husband Ferdinand II is credited with laying the foundations of modern Spain, completing the "reconquista" of Al-Andalus and for sponsoring Christopher Columbus.

Madrigal de las Altas Torres has plenty to offer the inquisitive tourist so if you´re in Spain why not pop up the A6 and experience for yourself what Madrigal has to offer. You won´t be disappointed.


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If you´re thinking of going to Salou in Spain this summer then here´s a few shots taken around the beach area to help you make up your mind.

As well as having a great beach it´s not far from Barcelona which is always worth a visit and also has Portaventura Amusement Park on the doorstep.

Most visitors apart from the Spanish are British, Irish, Russian and some French. Although Salou caters more for families there are nightclubs and late bars for those who are up for it.


Here´s some useful links if you want to know more about Salou