Nearly got run over half a dozen times running across the top of Cricklewood Lane as I crissed crossed between the traffic hoping to make the 28 bus I could see coming up the Finchley Road from Golders Green station. Those Bobby Burgers must have taken their toll as I was wheezing by the time I got to the bus stop although I did make it before the bus came.

Well, when I say bus it was more of a van really. You know, like an old bakers van painted red with too many deck chairs thrown in.

“A single to West Hampstead Tube please” I said to the driver via what looked like a bullet proof screen but he didn’t so much as look at me.

I spent the next few days just lounging around sleeping in and generally enjoying doing nothing much at all. I mean I’d worked all my holidays whilst in University to help maintain myself. Well, to keep myself in beer and Bobby’s burgers if truth be told.

Felt rather good though and the thought that I had enough in the bank to last me almost a year made me feel even better. No need to rush into some boring life sapping job but time to think about what I’d really like to do I thought to myself.

We did the introductions and it turned out the guy with the camera was a school friend of George’s who was called Vinny.

He was tall as well and I was starting to feel like Jimmy Clitheroe in an audition for a Cyclops remake. He was a London boy born and bred, had wavy long blonde hair, blue eyes and looked like he belonged on a Milanese catwalk.

“What's with the camera then Vinny?” I said.

“Look out Zach, you're almost on the hard shoulder!” I shouted as we were about to go cross country. “I thought you said you could drive a van?”

“I can man but this ain't like no van. It's like one of those juggernuts man!”

“I think you'll find they´re called juggernauts” said Finbar.

“Yeah, like one of those man.”

We were on our way down the M1 to London in a van we'd hired with Zach driving and me and Finbar wishing we'd worn Pampers. The hire company had overbooked so upgraded us to a high sided 3 tonner and with the wind it was dancing all over the place making it difficult to steer. When Zach started chanting “om mani padme hum” I knew we were bang in trouble.
“Should we start to worry Zach?” I enquired holding onto the door handle so tight my fingers had gone numb.

“I can't see my name, I can't see my name” shouted a rather panicky Finbar as we looked up at the results board in the basement of the Arts Tower.

You see the day had come. Three years of studying all boiling down to this one day although I wasn't expecting our results to reach evaporation temperatures if you know what I mean. We were going through all the notice boards where the final exam results were posted searching for our names and as luck would have it it was quiet as the early morning hoards of “hi, haven't seen you for ages” types had long gone.

Bit hard to concentrate after that “said Jimmy smiling.

“Yeah but I'm full on with to bomb or not to bomb Sally now so what's the SP then?

“Just wanted to talk really. I've known you can't stand being in the same room as her for years. Also know that you wouldn't say that for fear of hurting my feelings so let's just say I've got a slight inkling of what you'd do.

Ain't too hard to see which side I´m coming down on then either is it?”

“Well, yeah, but was it that obvious?”