The EU General Data Protection Regulation otherwise known as GDPR was implemented on May 28th 2018.

Now I don ´t know about you but the first I became aware of it was around mid May. I came home from work one night, turned on the computer and found my inbox full of mails from every company I was registered with or any website I visited asking me to accept the conditions related to data protection policies and the GDPR in particular and it seems I´ve been clicking “I accept” or “I agree” to the point of repetitive strain injury every since.

I looked up GDPR and was informed that it was all about intending (good word that) to protect the personal data of EU residents of which I am one and the data which is deemed personal such as basic identity information such as name, email, address and ID numbers among other things.

Sounds good doesn´t it?

Well, ever since I´ve been inundated with spam. In fact, tons of spam! My e-mail inbox runneth over with it. Then a couple of weeks ago sales staff started calling my mobile at all sorts of hours and now a new one. Adverts sent via whatsapp!

Couldn’t be any further from protecting my basic information as far as I’m concerned.

Is it just me or are you being driven mad ta boot!